Farai with a bushy beard, smiling

Peace! I'm Farai

I coach people managers, speak, and write, about how to have 1:1 meetings that unblock career progress.



I work with new and emerging leaders around the world to increase their people leadership skillset and develop effective, inclusive practices that make them better at handling the responsibility of looking after people's careers.

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I speak around the world and online. These days I'm focussed on talking about having effective 1:1 conversations between managers and team members. If you’d like me to speak at a public or private event, catch me on farai (at) hey.com.

Video of my talk at Leading Design 2019 (New York)



  • CanUX
    The Only One of Your Kind in the Room: Perils and Opportunities

    — Ottawa, Canada

  • Amuse UX
    Designing your 1:1

    — Budapest, Hungary

  • Mind the Product
    Working with strangers, well

    — San Francisco / Online




  • CanUX
    Cultural bias in design(ers) - Talk

    — Ottawa, Canada

  • Leading Design - London
    Cultural bias in design(ers) - Talk

    — London, UK

  • An Event Apart
    Working Together in Diverse Teams

    — Denver, USA

  • Leading Design - New York
    The only one of your kind in the room: Perils and opportunities.

    — New York, USA

  • UXLx
    Talk + Workshop

    — Lisbon, Portugal


  • Fluxible
    Cultural bias in design(ers)

    — Waterloo, Canada

  • UX Australia

    — Melbourne, Australia

  • UX Week
    Diverse teams: Working together across cultures - Workshop

    — San Francisco, USA

  • Design & Content Conference
    Cultural bias in design(ers)

    — Vancouver, Canada

  • Interaction 18
    Cultural bias in design(ers)

    — Lyon, France

  • Automattic People Series
    Bias in multicultural teams

    — Remote

  • IA Summit
    Cultural bias in design(ers)

    — Chicago, USA

  • Pixel Up!
    Cultural bias in design(ers)

    — Johannesburg, South Africa

  • World Interaction Design Day 2018
    Our team is diverse. Now what?

    — Toronto, Canada


  • EOH Connect 2017
    Design value and digital business

    — Johannesburg, South Africa

  • DVT Insights
    Design in Enterprise is Difficult in South Africa

    — Johannesburg, South Africa



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